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             Charles W. Holtzclaw Jr.

       Board Certified Master Arborist               SO-0346BT

       ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor 

       Tree Worker/Climber Specialist                ISA Certification Proctor

Fully insured. (Workmans Compensation and General Liability)

Member of BBB

Member of International Society of Aboriculture

Member of ISA Southern Chapter

Member of Charlotte Arborist Association


Of our many services available, we offer:

Pruning (Tree Health, Stability, and Aesthetics)

Tree Planting

Fertilization/ Aeration

Construction Site Tree Preservation

Insect, Fungal and Bacterial Control

Soil Testing 


Tree Swings


Serving Charlotte, NC and surrounding  areas for 44 years.


                                                                Mission Statement

   Be it the trees in your yard or those of our community, we at Paul Bunyan Tree Care, through the applied sciences of arboriculture, strive to enhance tree health, safety and beauty in order that the coexistence between man and tree is prolonged and is mutually beneficial.



Thank you for caring for           our  trees! 

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